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It will be compulsory for all dogs over the age of eight weeks to be fitted with a microchip.

If your dog goes missing a microchip can be vital in returning him or her back to you. It is a small chip, the size of a grain of rice that is inserted between the dogs shoulder blades using a sterile needle. The procedure does not require an anaesthetic and is no more painful than a standard vaccination.

Another change is that up until now people who were attacked by a dog on private property have been unable to press charges. This changes on April 06th along with compulsory microchipping. It is to protect post office workers and telecom engineers who are attacked whilst doing their job on private property. It will not apply to burglars and trespassers.

This map shows places across the UK that currently offer microchipping for free: –




If it comes to the attention of the authorities that a dog isn’t microchipped the owner could be liable for a £500 fine.

Anyone breeding dogs will be responsible for their microchipping. It is then the new owners responsibility to update the microchip with their details.

Don’t forget to keep the chip details up to date. For instance if you change address or get a new mobile number.


If it comes to the attention of the authorities that a dog isn’t microchipped the owner could be liable for a £500 fine.

Another essential way to get your dog quickly reunited with you is an ID tag. A small disc is attached to the dogs collar. That way if your dog becomes lost and a member of public finds him you’re not relying on that person to take your dog to a vet clinic or similar place where they have the facilities to read a microchip. It could be out of vet hours, leading to a distressing overnight wait before you’re contacted. If your dog is wearing an ID tag with your contact details on they can call you or take your dog back to your house straight away.

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Don’t forget to add the text you want engraving which is free. A mobile number, landline number and address is the norm. At that price you could buy a couple as spares as over time they will either come unattached or fade.

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