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We are spoiled in York for scenic dogs walks. With York being very flat and with easy access to marked walking routes I am always discovering new places to walk our dogs. In this series we have listed some of our favourites in the York area. Starting with all the popular walks in Haxby, Wigginton and Strensall.

1. Wigginton dog park (Churchfield)


Although it is not a very big dog field it is popular with dog walkers as it is fully enclosed. Ideal if your dog’s recall isn’t 100% It is great for dogs who love a good run around and play with other dogs. There is also a separate kids play park next door.

Parking: The closest address for your sat nav is 175 Greenshaw Drive, York, YO32 2SD. Parking is on the main road and a footpath leads to the dog park.

2. Haxby Landing Lane


This is near my house so I often walk around here. Surrounded by fields and paths that go on for miles. If you turn left you can follow the track down by the river foss, through Old Earswick, Huntington and into town. Perfect if your dog likes a swim. There’s also a nice walk running adjacent to West Nooks. It’s a very scenic area and there are always friendly dogs for yours to play with.

Parking: Landing Lane, Haxby, York, YO32 2NB. (Park nexto the dog bins and walk up Landing Lane (take care as there are a couple of houses so sometimes cars pass down there)

3. Ploughmans’ field


A small field dedicated for dogs. (There is a separate kids playpark next door). This field is tiny but if you live nearby and need a safe place to exercise your dog it’s ideal. There is no car parking, but multiple roads you can park on and take the footpath leading to the field.

Parking: The closest address for your sat nav is 132 Eastfield Avenue, York YO32 2EY

4. Towthorpe Road: 


If you prefer a secluded location for your dog walks Towthorpe Road is ideal. There is a small parking area. It is on a main road so please take care when letting your dog out of the car, they will need to be on lead at first.

Parking: There is no address but follow Towthorpe Road out of Haxby towards Strensall. You will see the small parking area on your right hand side.


5. Strensall Common: 


Another site popular with dog walkers. there is good parking and a huge area to explore. It is known for adders in the summertime so take care as a bite to your dog can be fatal. There is also an army training site nearby and when the flags are raised there will be practice gunfire nearby so if your dog is easily spooked it’s best to avoid.


Parking: Scott Moncrieff Rd, York YO32 5UL

If you know of any other dog walks in the Haxby, Wigginton and Strensall area that I have missed please let us know in the comments section.

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