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For as long as I can remember I have always had an affinity with dogs. We had a golden retriever in my childhood and I doted on him. Most of my adult working life has been in the rail industry. I was office based in York and on my lunch breaks I would go to the RSPCA and walk some of the rescue dogs. In 2012 I took a career break to travel Asia for 6 months and to work in Australia for a year. When I came back to the UK my partner Laura and I began fostering dogs for the blue cross. This involved looking after them in our home whilst they were awaiting adoption. I often walked the neighbours dogs and it became clear there was a demand for my services due to my experience with dogs and it was around this time we decided to setup Good Boy Dog Walking.

One of my clients put a lovely review on our facebook page saying that I am “passionate about dogs and …that this is more than a job – it’s a vocation”. That is exactly how I feel about it. I love my job and take so much pleasure caring for our clients’ dogs. There is never a dull day. People often comment how calm I am with the dogs I walk. I recognise that dogs respond to my calm nature. I only use positive reward based training and am constantly learning through reading and watching videos and through the dogs that I care for. No matter how experienced we are with dogs there is always much more to learn.

I have always taken photos of our clients dogs to keep them up to date on our adventures. I started using the camera on my phone but I found a passion for dog photography and now have a Canon DSLR. I have had tuition from a professional dog photographer too. Click here for our Instagram account.

Job satisfaction for me is a client texting me or leaving a review saying their dog is tired out, content after being walked by us. We strive to provide the best service to our clients and their dogs and that’s why Good Boy has quickly grown to become one of the premier dog walking companies in York.


Like Danny I grew up with dogs but my family pets were a smaller variety; Chihuahuas, Pomeranians and Papillions. Each one a very different character. When my Gran used to go on holiday we would dog sit for her too and between us we’d have 10 dogs! The dog I was closest to growing up was a Chihuahua called Hope.

He was a very playful pup; fetch, tug and teddy bears. Best of all he was a cuddly dog, always sat on my knee. I’m a born animal lover. My hobbies include horse riding and gardening. In February 2014 we fostered a whippet puppy from the blue cross, it was lovely to have such a bond with him. He would follow me around the stable yard whilst doing my chores.

When it comes to spending time with your dogs one of my best attributes is patience. I discovered hand feeding on the internet last year and for basic commands it works marvellously. The basic principle is to hand feed the dog their meal instead of putting it on the floor and encouraging them to do commands such as sit, paw and lay down. A few days in the pup or dog will do the command or even a sequence of commands without the food. And they love to learn! I am passionate about praising pets and with my energetic personality they seem to like it too!


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